How can I order a product ?


To place an order, you must have created your customer account.

1 - Log in to your customer area

2 - Search a product in the search bar (at the top of the page). Then, click on the product that you want.

3 - Choose the desired quantity (1) and click on ADD TO BAG(2) :

NB: The number displayed corresponds to the quantity of items you can order (if you only see 7 quantities in the drop-down menu, it means that there are only 7 products left in stock).



4 - Then you can choose to :

  • VALIDATE MY ORDER and go to the next step;
  • CONTINUE MY PURCHASE and add more products by repeating the same process.

5 - Once you have made your product selection, go to your shopping cart:

6 - Follow, complete and validate the 4 steps of your order: 181.jpg


- To remove an item from your basket, simply click on the cross 16.jpg, the order amount will be updated automatically.

- At the bottom of the page you will find additional products that you may need.

To add them to your basket, simply move the cursor over the product, then click on DISCOVER.


NB : This is where you enter your promo code or voucher if you have one.

For more details see this article: How do I use a discount code ?

Click on VALIDATE MY ORDER to proceed to the next step :



> If you are connected to your customer area, you will pass directly at step 3.

If you are not connected to your customer area, you can access to the second step IDENTIFICATION.

Enter your email and your password, then click on LOGIN.

step 2.jpg


> The third step of the basket, "DELIVERY" allows you to choose the delivery method and address.

You can choose a delivery at the entrance of the building or a delivery at your floor.

Click again on CONFIRM MY ORDER to go to the next step.



> The fourth stage of the basket PAYMENT summarises all the details of your order.

Check that all the items are correct. When everything is right, click on VALID AND PAY to valid your order.

step 4.jpg


The payment of your purchase on our site is carried out in full safety according to the following methods:

  • Bank card
  • PayPal account
  • Bank transfer (from 500€ excluding shipping costs)
  • Several instalments with Alma

secure payment.jpg

7 - Once the payment has been accepted and confirmed, a message will indicate that your order has been validated.


You will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your order.

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