How can I search for a product on the site?


Hespéride® meets all your garden furniture needs: garden furniture, tables, chairsparasol, sun shield, gazebo, pergola, sunbed, hammock, barbecue.

There are several ways to search for a product:

  • First method :

Enter the name of the product or range in the search bar and the result will appear automatically.

You can apply filters to better target your product: the colors (1), the certification (2), the material of the frame (3), the material of the table top (4), the numbers of seats (5), the product type (6) and the price (7).


  • Second method :

You must have the product number.

Type the product number in the search bar:

You will see the product you want:

  • Third method :

You can discover the products in our catalogue by moving the cursor over the black banner at the top of the page (without clicking). You will see several categories.

Then click on the range or model you wish to purchase.

Exemple: Mooréa lounge set.


A page appears displaying all the components of the Mooréa lounge set:

You can also apply filters to better target your product: Price , Colour , Size and sort product prices in ascending or descending order .

You have the possibility to choose another range in the menu.


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