The Hesperide guarantee covers all damages that are not covered by the exclusions of the guarantee mentioned in our general sales conditions (see below) and this for a period of 2 years depending on the product concerned.


In the case of the sale of a display model, it is understood that the consumer expressly accepts the product in the state with all the defects it includes.

Consequently, the consumer will not be able to obtain a refund or replacement of the said product by invoking the benefit of any guarantee because of these defects.

Any display model is therefore excluded from the scope of the commercial guarantee.


However, Hespéride remains bound by the legal warranties of conformity and defects of the sold product for any other defect than those deemed accepted on the exhibition model.

The Hespéride warranty® does not apply when the damage is related to one of the following causes:
- Wear and tear and natural aging of the Hespéride Products®
- The use of abrasive or unsuitable cleaning products;
- Non-compliance with the precautions, advice and instructions on the use, assembly, maintenance, storage, conservation or protection of the products;
- Discolouration due to light, particularly on all fabrics products, except where the product is deemed to be "UV-resistant", as specified in the product description;
- Shocks or falls of any kind of Hespéride Products®
- Lightning, flood, fire, torrential rain, storm, hurricane, hail or any other case of major force as assessed by jurisprudence;
- The intervention or repair carried out on Hespéride products®other than under the Hespéride warranty®,
- The addition or replacement of parts that do not comply with those recommended by Hespéride®, the modification of the structure of the product.

It is also recalled that the Hespéride Guarantee® does not cover professional or commercial use of the Product, nor does it cover unforeseen or inappropriate use of the product.

The Neka brand products sold and shipped by us benefit only from the legal guarantee of conformity and not from the Hespéride commercial guarantee®.

Finally, the Hespéride guarantee® is depending on the product and at Hespérid's exclusive choice, the right to repair, replace or refund the guaranteed product. The Hespéride® warranty does not cover indirect damages.

For more information on the conditions of our guarantees (click here).

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