I can only add 15 quantities to the basket, how can I add more?


To add an item to your cart simply choose the quantity and click ADD TO CART :

You can select 15 maximum quantities.

If stock permits, you can of course order more than 15 products.

There are two ways to do this:

  • First method :

1- Continue the process by clicking on CONTINUE SHOPPING :

2 - Do the same and choose the additional quantity you want.

(in this example it is not possible to add more than 7 pieces because there are only 22 pieces in stock).

  • Second method :

1 - Continue the process by clicking on ACCESS MY BASKET :

2 - Add or remove items by pressing 5.jpg ou 6.jpg in the choice of quantity:

For more details on how to place your order, please consult this article > How to order a product on the Hesperide website?

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