Is the site secure?

You can pay for your purchases online with complete peace of mind.

All your order and payment details are sent encrypted via SSL from your computer to the electronic payment terminal of our banking partner.

You can check the security system with the affixing of a closed padlock at the bottom of the page as a security symbol Arri_re-plan.jpg.

Hesperide secures your purchases on the Internet by credit card with the device sec.jpg.

The principle is simple: at the time of payment, after having entered the usual payment information on the pages bearing the logosSnag_125e0894_copie.jpg, you will be redirected to your bank's website where you will be asked for additional information.

Once the information is provided, you will return to the Hespéride website which will confirm the payment.

Please note that no payment methods is saved on the website.

If you encounter a problem with this 3D Secure verification during payment, directly contact your bank, so they can guide you through the process.


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